About Us

Our mission is simple: To empower energy consumers by providing educational guides, clear information, and easy-to-access consultants. Our goal is to demystify the energy industry and connect our customers with great energy plans at affordable rates.

Let’s face it – choosing an energy plan is anything but straightforward. Choosy Power is here to help you find the right plan at an affordable rate. Whether you’re looking for cheap electricity or renewable energy, Choosy Power has a plan for you.

Choosy Power works with trusted energy suppliers, solar farms and solar installers nationwide to bring you reliable energy plans at a rate that fits your budget. Our partners pay us when we refer a customer for an energy plan. And the rates we offer are all-inclusive – no hidden fees or surprise charges at the end! 

Once you choose an energy plan, you will pay the energy provider directly. While we work with many providers, we never promote or upcharge on any plans. The Choosy Power comparison experts are straightforward and easy to work with. They will compare and filter different plans, providers and prices – and, of course, find the perfect energy plan for you! Once we’ve found the right option, it’s quick and easy to sign up. Simply select the plan that is right for you and our comparison experts will walk you through the sign-up process. Ready to get started? Enter your ZIP code below to see energy plans available in your area!
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