The idea of saving money and saving energy is on everyone’s minds. With global warming reaching epic proportions and energy costs growing out of control, any methods that can help conserve energy are welcome. We have one simple tip that will help you save money and save energy with little effort.

Save Energy By Unplugging When You Are Not At Home

Did you know that your appliances continue to soak up energy even when you are not actively using them? Little things such as the clock on your coffee maker or even the light on the charger that no one is using waste energy. Instead of leaving things plugged in when you are not using them, or not even at home, pull the plug.

Make a habit of unplugging your appliances any time they are not in use. If you are leaving home, you should unplug any appliance that won’t be in use during your time outside. Of course, we don’t think you should unplug your refrigerator, but there is no reason to keep your entertainment center, gaming console, or even your microwave plugged in while you are out running errands.

Consider having everything connected to a multi-plug that you can turn off if you find dealing with cords on a regular basis too stressful.