More and more people are choosing solar power for both their private and business needs — to the point that, if the trend continues, solar power could be meeting a full quarter of the planet’s energy needs in three decades’ time.

The reasons to jump on the solar bandwagon are both powerful and convincing, and not just if you want to protect the planet.

While the up-front costs can be frightening, they’re an investment you’ll see a return on in less than a decade. Solar panels have a lifespan of more than 25 years, and they’ll provide great savings even to people even if you do not rely on solar power for all your energy. With ever-rising energy costs, the future free energy you invest in now will lead to exponential savings later.

The growing climate crisis cannot be ignored as a reason to switch to solar power. By choosing solar energy, you will slash your carbon footprint. If you’re a business owner, this will simultaneously send the message that you are committed to a more sustainable future, something that will earn you new customers.

Finally, solar energy is a step toward independence. The grid might go down, but the sun is a reliable source of energy.